6 budget-friendly bathroom makeovers

The average woman spends one and a half years in the bathroom over her lifetime. (Seriously, google it!) So shouldn’t you give this space some love? ‘Bathrooms are the easiest place to be fearless and have fun,’ says design expert Susanna Salk. ‘You can do a lot without spending a lot.’ Here are six contractor-free ways to make your room a bright and blissful refuge:

Buying for investment What you should know

In recent years, South African property has been an excellent investment, particularly in the most sought-after coastal regions, where prices have risen fastest.

5 essential steps for first-time home buyers

Buying a house is likely the single largest investment you'll make, and the right one could be your 'happy home' for many years to come - but how can you be confident when looking at properties for sale that you will make the right choice?

Why Cape Town’s property market outperforms the rest of South...

Cape Town’s coastline and mountains act as a major constraint on the city’s ability to expand, which goes some way towards explaining the outperformance of the Cape housing market.

Why Owning a Home Is Great for Your Future

There’s a reason why the residential property market continues to attract tens of thousands of first-time home buyers every year - and it has little to do with economic cycles, interest rates, or tiresome landlords.

Should You Buy a Fixer-upper Property?

Buying a property crying out for a face lift has benefits and disadvantages - the former for anyone adequately equipped to model a profitable return and the latter for those who risk merely feeding a financially hungry white elephant.

SA residential property market still robust

Those hoping to become home owners soon and those who have only recently achieved this status sometimes react fearfully when they read the property media forecasts of low home price growth.

7 Essential Tips for Couples Buying Property Together

Couples who are in committed relationships are nowadays often left in a position where they have to decide whether to shop for the perfect, sparkly engagement ring, or rather buy something which is equally shiny and precious – their dream home.

Top 4 Value-adding Home Renovation Trends

Renovations can boost property values and ensure sellers achieve the most competitive price when the time comes to maximize the capital investment.

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